The diverse pieces include: ORGANIC FORMS which subtly indicate human or animal postures and gestures (the rounded abstract forms highlight sensually confined massiveness). INTERPLAY, a series of fractured basic shapes, are structured as one unit which de-structures and re-structures as interrelated but unique concave and convex forms (they consist of hybrid patterns of precious metal and exotic wood so that the basic shapes -circles, squares and rectangles- acquire a different image with each projection). The NON-FIGURATIVE welded pieces play with light and shadow (in the manner of trompe l'oeil). MULTIPLES, a series of crome-plated mobiles on a square heavy iron base, articulate a variety of assumed and changeable positions. The CIRCULAR WALLPIECES are cast resin with tooled bronze/copper imbeds. The models for ART IN PUBLIC PLACES are projects where environment is integral to the design and vice-versa.

In general, the sculptural forms occupy space subtly so that simple, dancelike movements hint at wistful gestures, sensual postures, active or meditative stances.

Louise DeMint-Zahareas has been a professional sculptor since 1965 and has exhibited since 1967. She has had studios in Madrid and Philadelphia, Pa. New York City, St. Paul and Minneapolis, MN and in Volos, Greece.

The bronze pieces are studio products. Most of them have been cast either in Spain, USA or in Greece. Marble, cement, welded and larger, fabricated pieces have been constructed both in Europe and in Minneapolis.

The sculpture pieces are produced in permanent materials so that each sculpture can he placed comfortably either inside or out. Sizes vary from miniature of 6" to bibelot size, 12" to 17" or up to 6 feet. The bronze sculptures are unique castings. The artist, however, reserves the right to retain copies. Many of the pieces have been shown steadily in juried and group exhibitions or galleries steadily since 1967 (see the selective list of shows and galleries). Locations of exhibitions include Madrid, Cadiz and Santander of Spain; Philadelphia and Long Island of Eastem USA; Detroit, Mich.; Duluth and Minneapolis, Minnesota, etc. (Pieces are presently found in collections in Athens, Volos, Greece; Pontevedra, Galicia, Madrid, Spain; Los Angeles, California, Detroit, Boston, Minnesota, USA.)